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As a father, one should create a warm environment for children to grow up healthily and happily.

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The one who loves you will keep going on You are the most beautiful one in my heart

I went to the bank this morning, but I need your cell number to fill out the chart. So please give it to me as soon as possible. And if time permits, I can remit money to you, or else next morning.

Heal the world ������˵��ǰ�ԣ� Children show me in their playful smiles the divine in everyone �����ǵĵ�����Ц��չʾ����ÿ�������У�Ӧ�У���ʥ�� These children are a reminder of the preciousness of all life ��Щ��������������...

My holiday Today was Sunday, it was a great weather. I was glad because this morning my parent and I were going to fishing. In the afternoon, we were going to the park for fun. At the night, we were going to watch movie in the ...

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