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A mEAn mEssAgEʲô��˼��

һ�����̵���Ϣ mean Ӣ [mi:n] �� [min] v. ��˼��; ��ʾ������˼; ����; ��������� adj. ���ĵ�; �̱���; �ƾɵ�; ���̵� n. ƽ����; �м�; ����ƽ��; �ȱ����� ���� һ�׾�; ��Ҫ; ��ν message Ӣ [ˈmesɪdʒ] �� [ˈmɛ...

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lol����˼��laugh out loudly ���Ǵ�Ц����˼���е������ĵĺǺ�

Amy,you mean Message V1 406 aren't you?This one is hard coded in FV45PF0M_MAAPV_SELECT=>MESSAGE I406 WITH US_MATNR.You cannot customize msgty in OVAH for this.Work with Materials: Status in Sales and Distribution (Table V_TVMS,...


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