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kEEp sB CompAnyʲô��˼

keep sb company ���ij�ˣ���ij��ͬ�� [����]Have love keep sb company , life won 't alone. �а����飬�����㲻��µ���

keep sb company �dz���ǹ̶����䣬 ��˼�ǡ���ij�ˡ� ���� My sister has come from America to keep me company during my illness. �����ã����㣩�����������ˣ����������ڼ����ҡ�

accompany��company��������溬�嶼��������˼����������ڣ�company����Ҫ��with,company��������˼,�Ƕ���,��������÷���company with sb.accompany�����ʣ����Է���ɹ�˾������������˼�����ʱ��Ҫ�붯�ʺ��á�accompany���÷���...

������ He became violently angry, since he had often warned his son not to keep company with that group of boys. ���dz���������Ϊ�������������Ķ���������Ҫ����Ⱥ�һ����һ�� Keep company with me and you'll learn to live freely a...


��keep one's company �м��Ǹ�Ҫ���������и���˵�����û�д����ԡ�

keep sb to do sth. ��Щ����ʽ ��ߵ�TO �ܼ� ��Щ�ɼӿɲ��ӡ���I help you to answer the question.I help you answer the question. ����������

��ͬ��1L ����Ϊaccompany������Ǽ��ﶯ�� �������治�ܴ���� Ȼ�����accompany sb for a ...�ǶԵ� �ڶ��������Ǵ�� Ӧ����keep sb's/one's company �м�Ӧ�����������и�

keep sb. company ��sb.�DZ��company�DZ��� offer sb. sth ��sb.�Ǽ�ӱ��sth��ֱ�ӱ��Ҳ����˫����Ľṹ ���keep��˫����ٸ����ӣ�She kept me a seat. ���Ա��She kept a seat for me. ��˿���˵Thanks for the seat you kept...

Ӣ��:accompany; companion; keep sb. company; attend; come along 0 �� zgrҹ����� LV.8 2017-08-16 Accompany is the longest confession of love ...


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