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�������ж��� Ϊ�������а�������ɣ� ��Ա��������ʿ�׷�ʣ�Good luck!

all��animals��i��the��love���ʳɾ䣺 I love the all animals. ��ϲ�����ж��

Great I love animals ȫ�����������>> ΰ����Ұ����� I love animals, they taste great. �Ұ��������ζ���ü��ˡ�

�����Ҷ�����! 1 Chinese New Year Chinese New Year is the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world. It is also called the Spring Festival or the Lunar New Year. The exact date of the Spring Festival on the We...

It was very fine today. It was neither too hot nor too cold.He Song and I went to Beijing Zoo in the morning. The animals were so interesting that everyone liked them very much. We watched the bears for a long time. They were r...

We love animals. ���ǰ���� ������£� We [wiː] love [lʌv] animals ['ænɪmlz]

spiders ֩�� (����7����ĸ�ĵ��ʣ�ע������Ҫ�ø���) I like spiders because I love little animals. animal�Ƕ������˼ animal: [ 'æniməl ] n. ���� �������÷�: 1. The camel is a herbivorous animal. ������һ��ʳ�ݶ�� 2...

Animals are our friends, we should be happy with their lives. My favorite animal is dog, it can help us to do many things.it is also very lovely,and can let us happy.animals are so good!

One should love animals.They are so tasty. �������£� ��Ӧ��Ҫ�����������Ϊ����������˵���ζ��



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