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old men lover ���������� lover Ӣ [ˈlʌvə(r)] �� [ˈlʌvɚ] n. ����; ����; �����ߣ��Ⱥ���; �鸾����� He and Liz became lovers soon after they first met. �������ȳ��μ���󲻾þͳ������¡�

old men lover ���������� old men ���� ����; ������; ������

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Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy ���ʹŵ����� I can dim the lights �ҿ����õƹⰵ�� And sing you songs full of sad things ���㳪��Щ������� We can do the tango just for two ���ǿ���������̽�� I can serenade and gently play �ҿ���...


���׸�ͽ�Funky lover��һ��old school���ӣ��ڿṷ�����Ϻ����������������ио�Ŷ��


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